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Welcome to L2 Revolution Network

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Welcome to L][Revolution 500x NON CUSTOM-Server

[XP ].:500X

[SP ].:500X

[Safe enchant ].:+3

[Max enchant/weapon/armor ].:+16/+20

[Enchant rate normal ].:65%

[Enchant rate blessed ].:75%

Have fun and vote every day !!

CoominG SooN

GvsE Server

Revolution Custom Items

And Subclas Stuck

Line][age Shadith Network INFO:

Stability server

Active GM's

Everyday Update

Wedding Priest in Giran

Spawn Protection

ManaPotions (Restore 1000mp)

Full GMShop

Buffer (2h)


Custom Shop

Olympiad 100%

Siege 100%

Special locations and monsters

Paty Duel system

We have special system pvp

Adena,Sp,Exp Rate : 5000x (Instant level 80)

Enchant normal rate : 75% , Enchant blessed rate : 100% .

Custom items: Armor,Weapons,Tattoo,Wings

Custom zones : Antharas Nest ( PvP zone ) , Frintezza Room ( Raid Bosses Area ) , Hunters Village ( Safe Farming Zone ) , Valakas Place ( War Farming Zone )

Custom mods : PvP Name Colors , Pk Title Colors , Instant level 80 , PvP Drop , Pk Drop , Custom Spawn Location , Team versus Team Event , Capture the Flag Event and much more ...

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